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I don't sell your data to anyone. Google can use your data in som ways because the tools I come from google.

Google Analytics

I use Google analytics 4 to analyze how my website performs. Things I do is to track what country my users come from, chekc how many people that use my site, how they use my site and more. This data is saved permanently. read more read more

Data that is collected

More data might be collected but is kept as limitited as possible. Read about Google analytics 4 to get the full insight

Google Targeted Ads

I love developing and hope to one day make enough money from it to do it for a living. I use google ads to support this vision. You can allow google to use targeted ads if you want, if you do, google have a profile created from your online presence that tries to figure out you need and base the ads on that.

More info

Your data will be saved with no time limit.